Sophie Amelia Creates is a small London based business developed by creative director Sophie. Most important to the brand's identity is a desire to emit nature's organic delicate beauty, generating items that will be treasured.

"The greatest compliment I ever received about my cards, is they are too good to throw away. In a fast disposable world, my mission is to reignite a love of treasuring items & appreciating the quality of handmade artefacts. The art of note writing & gift giving is an ancient one, surrounded by love. Why not express yours, by giving cards good enough to keep." - Sophie Amelia. 

All products themselves are created by hand, using the most eco friendly techniques. Everything from the cards, to the stickers to the packaging is either 100% recyclable or 100% compostable. 

Sophie is an avid watercolour artist, who graduated from university with a BA Hons design degree back in the late noughties. Making cards for friends & loved ones has always been one of her greatest passions. Sophie takes Inspiration from literature, mythology & the beauty of the natural world; aiming to capture it's organic delicacy.  Items are handmade therefore each unique with a wonky, lovable quality. Joyous cards for avid writers of notes, love letters & gift givers.  

Sophie now splits her time between London & Paris. France has always played an integral part in her life, so she enjoys including subtle references to the country in her work.

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Photography by @calmhomemade